Dr. Orange

QR codes are now being used nation wide in the USA and other countries however not many people have caught on that you can track QR codes. There are a few different reasons too why tracking a QR code can cut your advertising cost in half sometimes. With our site we are able to provide many different types of tracking data on who uses your QR codes including where they where scanned, how long they spent on your website, where they where scanned from, which print object it came from and more.

By being able to quantify this information you will be able to get feedback on your advertising efforts by tracking QR codes response of your print marketing efforts. If you are able to know that one mailing campaign had a higher conversion through how many people scanned QR codes from your marketing piece. Then comparing every other print marketing effort with a QR code will allow you to see where your money is best spent.

Before QR codes on different print media, TV commercials or website addresses the only way to get an idea of where you marketing efforts where best spent was to ask the customer where they learned about your company. Now with QR codes you will be able to track the interaction of your media with the consumer and the use of their smart phone. Sign up for an account below to start tracking QR codes for your business.